Drugs and Doom

The only way you can date an addict is if you’re fairly positive you can survive this: giving and giving and giving and trying your best and giving all the love and patience you still have, and still risk your partner taking your actions for granted because they aren’t in the frame of mind to be receptive to them and reciprocate. If you feel you are ready to RISK giving your all and have that not be reciprocated, then proceed. You’re not dealing with an emotionally mature or even necessarily sober person, so check to see if your expectations are reasonable.

This hurts. Especially if you love the person. But between choosing drugs or choosing you…well, that’s something you don’t necessarily have any say in. That’s a personal journey your partner is on. It can be agonizing as you yearn for them to throw drugs aside and confess that your love is enough…9/10 times…it’s just not going to happen.

Yes, It feels devastating to love with every inch of your heart only to have that be crushed nonetheless. You will be tested. Your nihilistic fears will confront you. It’s a hard road to navigate, and it’s even harder to navigate alone.

Unlike other posts, this one isn’t chocked with prescriptive advice to keep you going. This one’s a reality check. This is the rough reality you’ve signed up for. Why would anyone willingly do this? To understand dark mutualism and essentially parasitic relationships, visit www.gettinbetter.com.

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