Meth Detox: 8 Things to Do and Expect


Coming off meth can be brutal, so here are some tips on helping your partner get through the experience as stress-free as possible.

  1. Expect your partner to have a severe drop in mood, energy, and motivation. Experts say that detoxing off meth can take 7-14 days, and then the painful psychological effects should start to wear off. This can seem like an eternity to someone who’s relied on meth to function for a while, and there will be severe cravings for them to use again. Help prevent this by staying present with their feelings and offering as much help to make them relaxed versus stressed to the best of your abilities.
  2. Don’t rush or pressure your partner to hurry up with their detox. Depending on how long they’ve been using and how frequent their usage was, each detox process will be different.
  3. Be as positive as you can, and constantly reassure your partner that there IS a light ahead of the tunnel as long as they commit to their decision to quit. They may be really stuck in their current feelings of depression and may not be able to have insight into the fact that it’s only temporary.
  4. Expect appetite to increase. This is normal, since their appetite has been suppressed by this stimulant for a while. Try to provide healthy options to prevent an excess of weight gain.
  5. Urge your partner to go on a 15-20 minute walk with you if they’re up to it. Getting sunlight will provide some much needed Vitamin D to counter depression and the endorphins released during exercise will also do them some good.
  6. Make sure if you see your partner getting so low that they appear to be on the verge of suicide, to get them professional help. In fact, anti-depressants are often recommended to assuage the dark depression that comes from meth withdrawal.
  7. Expect that after about a month, they may feel brighter and better than ever. However, they may feel so much better that they may overestimate their wellness and begin to use meth again, thinking they are in full control again. Be prepared for this! Tell your partner that the cravings are perfectly natural, but now’s the time to begin developing different habits to replace the drug use with.
  8. Do activities your partner likes. Watch movies and listen to soothing music.

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